Getting Ready: 4 Essential Tips

Getting Ready: 4 Essential Tips  

by Clément Andriot

On the morning of, there’s nothing more fun than gathering your bridal party to get ready and having quality time, this intimate and relief moment is the perfect way to share with your close friends and family from photos getting glammed up to candid cheers snapshots, go with the flow!

As a wedding photographer, getting ready photos are an important part of telling the complete story of your wedding day from beginning to end, this is the part where it all starts to sink in. You’re getting married!

Follow our 4 essential tips to have an incredible Getting Ready:


1. The Room

Clean it up! This is one of the most memorable and funny parts of the entire wedding day.

A messy room will kill your photos, from removing water bottle, food, morning outfit, shoes to makeup items, keep it up clean adds an amazing atmosphere for the background of your pictures. If you are getting dressed in the bedroom, make sure the bed is made and room is tidy.

The location  you choose to get ready at can have a dramatic impact on the way those images look, consider the size of your family and bridal party to find the perfect location!

Pro tip:  If you are getting married in a hotel, we suggest you to pick the bridal suite, if you are getting married in a private venue instead of a hotel, we always recommend using an Airbnb near your wedding venue is located.

2. Toast

For the bride’s getting ready, nothing says celebration quite like champagne! This is the perfect moment for celebrate with your bridal party and get some bubbly flowing, enjoy getting pampered and sharing fun stories.

For groom and groomsmen, a tequila shot, or a beer is a great way to have a few extra laughs, not to mention it calms the nerves a bit… Cheers!

Pro tip:  If you enjoy having a drink, go ahead and have a shot or two! Just a reminder to enjoy responsibly. We don’t need a dumpster fire.

3. Matching Outfits

From personalized dressing gowns, flip-flops, or sunglasses to silky pajamas, are a great way to get everyone feeling special! Matching outfits looks amazing in the photos, create a beautiful aesthetic, making the bride the focus of attention also, can easily be worn again after your big day.

If you are planning bring your bridal party personalized accessories remember keep it easily accessible, also your bridal details  (dress, vail, hair pieces, shoes, bouquets, jewelry, invitations) anything you wish to have a photograph should be place in the room, this details add more personality and meaning to your getting ready portraits, once we finished we’ll return the items back the place they belong to ,easy peasy!

Pro tip: Remember keep your dress wrinkle-free! Make sure to steam your gowns the day before, if the fabric needs it use a hanger.

4. Timing

Once you decided to capture this fun-emotional moment, consider that getting ready time for gride-bridesmaids and groom-groomsmen takes between 60 to 90 minutes total.

Your wedding day will fly by so fast! So, we’ll start capturing the wedding couple separate getting ready, for the bride: bridal hairdo and makeup, bridal gown + shoes + accessories portraits, bride + bridesmaids toast with champagne and funny moments, bride’s getting dress and bridesmaids assisting the bride + bride and mom emotional portraits. For groom: getting tux/suit, shoes + accessories portraits,  mother of the groom assisting him with boutonnière,  groom + groomsmen toast with tequila, beer or whiskey,  groom + parents portraits capturing awesome and organic moments.

Based in your wedding package, your photographers will split the getting ready timeline, if you have one photographer package, your photographer will start with bride’s getting ready and finalize with the groom’s one:  final time 90 minutes. If there are separate locations at the venue for the bride and groom to get ready, it’s easy for your photographer to jump back and forth while you’re getting into your dress, or while hair and makeup is finishing up.

If you have two photographers’ package, your photographers will capture the bride and grooms separate getting ready at the same time, 60 min total.

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